Thoughts and feelings about our prouducts along with serious sh*t that’s happening here and beyond Vermont that effects the way we make decisions everyday.
Rest & CBD
June 23, 2020
Rest & Relaxation is often considered a cornerstone to healthy living, giving our body and mind time to reset.  Recovery...
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Doing Less to Do More
May 9, 2020
Intensity of Life We were intrigued to understand how we can be more mindful, more connected with ourselves and others...
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Sift, Bake, Puff
April 16, 2020
Our second Connect Series – Sift, Bake, Puff – was held the last Saturday of February, just before our daily...
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Serious Dirt Botanics Products Now At Iconoclast Fitness
January 23, 2020
Serious Dirt Botanics has launched its products at Iconoclast Fitness, in New York City’s Flat Iron District.
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Soil Health and Climate Change
January 23, 2020
Farmer and Serious Dirt Botanics Chief Agriculture Officer Rico Balzano has long been on a mission to improve soil health.
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The Art of the Roll @ Backwater Studios
January 3, 2020
Art of the Roll is an exciting collaboration between two Brooklyn businesses: Sherri Cobb, an artist at Backwater Studios, and Serious Dirt Botanics, a seed-to-shelf CBD company whose farm is a stone's throw away in Vermont.
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