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We are a fully integrated team growing in Vermont and producing in Brooklyn, NYC

We are dirt first project.

What’s underneath matters most to us. Powerful plants can ONLY come from the most rich, living soil. That’s why the dirt is in our name and at the heart to what we tend to.

Serious growers not buyers.

Unlike other brands we are proud to be our own private growers of organically grown cbd. We are dedicated to principles of regenerative agriculture that focus on creating healthy, living soils to increase biodiversity and (even) sequester carbon. We create healthy soils by cover cropping with (nitrogen fixing) plants like winter rye, crimson clover, and buckwheat; reducing the amount we till or disrupt the soil; and utilizing rich organic compost and soil amendments.

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We process with proper lab science.

Our lab is Vermont certified organic and GMP compliant facility; owned and operated by scientists; and exceeds all industry standards.  Our COLD EXTRACTION PROCESS never involves any solvents, heavy metals, or residual lipids. And we never use any cutting agents such as Vitamin E acetate.  All products are third party tested and certified at least four (4) times prior to packaging.  All of our lab reports can be viewed through the product details on our homepage.