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Feb 10,2021
AUTHOR : Serious Dirt
An Ambience of Calm

There are many facets to our moods and even more drivers behind our moods.  Sleep.  Diet.  Exercise.  Yeah, we’re all familiar with those.  But also, let us consider less obvious things like sound, light, and color.  How do we create a sense of calm in a world of stress?  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal explored the impact of color and highlighted different paint colors intended to soothe, as well as those that are energetic and even a bit stressful.

So, light up one of our hemp-infused candles or release a few ‘Serious Drops’ and get cozy.  Here’s the 411 on Colors that Calm:

  • Sea and Sky.  Shades connected to nature work like an ‘aesthetic chill pill’
  • Alabaster White.  Unlike a stark white, alabaster is a creamy, warm white that evokes relaxation
  • Muddy Green.  Earthy, natural greens evoke a sense of ‘peace and optimism’
  • Light Gray.  Easy on the eyes, and your energy, a cloudy, light gray immediately calms

No place at home for …

  • Orange.  Bright citrus and tropical may be nice for vacation vibes but too bright for home, making you feel like you’ve been staring at the sun too long
  • Red.  Synonymous with passion and fire, its vibrancy is anything but the epitome of relax
  • Hot Pink.  Fuchsia is an aggressive accent mark and its bluntness can actually heighten stress
  • Bright Yellow.  Energetic and stimulating, this may not be the best choice for a night of Netflix and chill

Source: Duncan, Allison. “The Most – and Least – Soothing Paint Colors, According to Interior Design Pros.” The Wall Street Journal, February 5, 2021.