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May 09,2020
AUTHOR : Serious Dirt
Doing Less to Do More

Intensity of Life

We were intrigued to understand how we can be more mindful, more connected with ourselves and others by simply doing less.

The intensity of our lives is undeniable, especially with the unexpected pace of life right now.  Even before words like ‘quarantine’ and ‘social distancing’ became a common part of our vocabulary, many of us felt overwhelmed by the demands of work and family – the pressure to do more, to be constantly busy.  This pressure, in turn, puts stress on our bodies and minds.

How Do We Respond? How Do We Manage?
There are many common ways to alleviate stress, from exercise to eating right, but have you ever considered a different approach: do less.  This doesn’t mean laziness!  Consider:

  • A focused conversation with someone you care about.  Reduce the distractions and eliminate the noise of other things you need to do.
  • Start your morning with mindfulness rather than your phone; think about what you are appreciative of, or your goals for the day.  Social media, if we are honest, isn’t a tool to help us jump start our day with meaning.
  • Carve out time for exercise or for reading.  Enjoy these breaks throughout the day to re-connect and re-energize yourself.  Start with a short amount of time and see how you feel.

Ultimately, doing less is about shifting away from the unnecessary to what really matters to you – and that in turn will bring you more.