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Apr 16,2020
AUTHOR : Serious Dirt
Sift, Bake, Puff

Our second Connect Series – Sift, Bake, Puff – was held the last Saturday of February, just before our daily lives were changed and new words like “social distancing” entered our vocabulary and changed our habits.

We look forward to getting back to our Connect Series soon, so we can do just that and connect with our customers, our NYC community and our friends and artisans with whom we collaborate. There are so many exciting events and collaborations we have planned and are scheming to pull off. We look forward to keeping you updated and appreciate your patience and support until then!

In the meantime, we wanted to look back and share some moments from Sift, Bake, Puff and the incomparable Purple Pam, who shared her recipe for Cannabutter and making delicious, yet beneficial, hemp cookies!


  • Grind 8 oz Serious Dirt Botanics hemp FLWR (buds). Can use any household spice grinder or chopper. We also used a coffee bean grinder! Pulse for just a few seconds, until a nice, even grind is achieved.
  • In a double boiler, add your ground hemp to butter (per your recipe) over medium heat and let the hemp infuse the butter for 15-20 minutes.
  • Add your butter to your recipe as directed. If desired, you can strain the butter to remove the hemp flower, however, we simply threw it all in!
  • A variation, and fun tip, is to use a small waffle iron to bake waffles using the cookie batter.