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Jan 23,2020
AUTHOR : Serious Dirt
Serious Dirt Botanics Products Now At Iconoclast Fitness

Serious Dirt Botanics has launched its products at Iconoclast Fitness, in New York City’s Flat Iron District.  Iconoclast is known for its personal fitness experience where Ngo Okafor and other fitness experts perform dramatic body transformations.  Ngo has been working with Serious Dirt Botanics President Scott Ambrosino to bring CBD to Iconoclast clients to enhance their recovery during the transformation process.  Just as Iconoclast fitness differentiates itself in body transformations, Serious Dirt Botanics distinguishes itself from the numerous CBD companies in the marketplace because they are uniqely seed to shelf: they grow their hemp on their farm, they harvest their hemp, and they process and package their hemp into the highest quality CBD available.  “We are excited to be partnering with someone like Ngo and Iconoclast fitness who believes in the power of CBD and its ability to elevate your body’s performance” says Scott.